April 06, 2012

dreaming aloud...

no matter how high or how far we fly, there's always the ground to catch us when we fall. and when we fall, it's up to us to determine whether we land gracefully or we shatter to pieces. the ground, in whatever form it may be, will always remind us where our feet belong. standing grounded is the most stable way for one to become high.

chinese acupuncture says that a woman's heart is the strongest muscle ever created. it compensates for the lack of muscles which men possess. it lasts a day of household chores and a career. it sustains another life than hers. it endures the long wait. the pain. if her heart chooses.

the catholic rosary contains 54 beads which, if prayed twice sums up to 108. the islamic dhikr has 108 beads and so does the buddhist and the hinduist malas. if, for hundreds or even thousands of years, we all have been praying the same number of times on the same number of beads, how come there is war? the answer eludes me still.

loosen, tighten, pull, pluck, beat - what the six strings of a guitar must endure to play the musician's symphony. despite the unknown reason for one's existence, one has to go through suffering to play the music called life.

life is like drinking beer. you either drown in happiness or in sadness. in the end, you still have to swallow all the bitterness every bottle has to offer.

"blind faith" is an oxymoron. faith is the choice to love and devote in spite of one's knowledge of the other. perhaps it becomes blind when one puts the blindfold on as he or she embraces the other wholeheartedly. 

my bro koi by benj dee 2011

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