November 25, 2013

of late posts and major disasters

hi all,

i posted late since i had the greatest disasters of all time -- my macbook white retired and my oly dying a heroic death. 

i've stored way too many things in my white that it did not work anymore. when i say too many stuff, i am talking about hi-res photos, school papers, and client projects. good thing they were still recovered. nonetheless, i'd still bet my soul on mac os as it has done great feats, which windows would habitually crash on. 

as for my camera, the software was faltering during my last shoot that i thought it was already a goner. i was quite lucky that it sustained an entire set! of all my belongings, it is with my cam which i have the greatest emotional attachment as it documented a lot of my traveling firsts with it.

it's quite common for electronics to expire as they reach their 5th year. that's the reason why extended hardware care is only up to 3 years. electronics companies know that already and that they've already formulated ways on getting our bucks.

i recently bought a new macbook pro so i have to catch up with all the posts i promised. my camera is also coming soon (i will reveal the model and make later). for the mean time, i value everyone's patience and understanding for the long wait! i am looking forward to the throwbacks to catch up!

ps: btw, thanks for the 10k views! who would've thought that a crazy person like me would reach this kind of stat!