January 24, 2015

it's time for you to rest my dear friend :)

yes, i made "the switch". 

i finally accepted the fact that my old camera already needs to retire. 35 mountains and over a hundred destinations in the philippines and abroad with my oly is hard to let go. the camera already became a part of me. i never though i would be too attached to an item. i placed it together with my books in my mini library just as how my father glorified his very old om-d.

our new pair of eyes is a canon 5d mark 2 with a 24-70mm f/2.8mm mark 2 lens. it hurt our budget but it came to a point where the demands of business calls for high end gear. i am now a full-time artist getting paid to do the two things i love doing -- writing and photography. this means a closer bond with the husband.

the new gear is heavy and not as light and compact as my old oly. i still see myself buying an om-d just for traveling but for now, i will have this gear continue where my old oly left.

i am surfer stoke to build a new future with this one. for the mean time, enjoy the following test shots from the new camera. photos were taken from my mentor's house.