February 04, 2013

my hiatus

everyone must be wondering why i was out after such a long time. reason is i got a back injury from over-stretching and twisting which made me bedridden for more than a month. when my condition got worse, i went to the hospital to have myself fully examined by a specialist as they suspected my condition could be a herniated disc aka slipped disc. when the result came, thank whoever but it's just a simple back strain!

you see, when i train for an event which require physical work, i train hard. i have a "tiger mom" and this wonderful gift of unfaltering will-power she gave me as she was raising me has also it's downside. i've forgotten i am a human being. i am not invincible. as a result, my body faltered and can't keep up with what my mind has been dictating. this is the greatest lesson i have learned the entire half of my 2012.

the good news though is that as soon as i was able to walk unassisted, i was invited to a lot of photography work shops, which i believe is very useful in my next escapades this summer when i have fully recovered. the organizer of the workshop, allan, taught me about shooting people, which i admitted i have been trying hard to learn. as what manny librodo said, "a portrait is a landscape of emotions" so adding the elements i've learned from landscape would still be valid. what i lack, as what my manager told me (yes, my office manager) is reaching out to people because i tend to go inward most of the time. we live to coexist. even monks radiate loving kindness to people in their solitary moments.

here are some unaltered work.

when i say "unaltered", i mean no post-processing done via any photo editing software. i still value pre-processing and put it on a pedestal but photoshop would have some use someday if my extra career in the arts will become more stable. i still have a long journey in photography. i wonder what my 2013 travel logs would look like using everything i have learned.