February 05, 2012

she-wolf adventures and "human" photography of 2011

in an online psychology forum i was a member of, someone made a conjecture that most "thinking" people, systems builders to be exact, fancy photos with less "humans" (using her term). being one of the system builders as tagged by the jungian typology test i do admit that i am weak with portraits and anything with humans in it. primarily because i lack interpersonal skills which are needed in capturing human emotions at the right time. then came 2010, when i met benj dee, who surprisingly is a neighbor (that's how oblivious i am of my very own community and how bad my people skills are) and a hiking buddy of mine, advised me to add "humans" in my photos to scale pictures and to add mood to my album. and so 2011 was an experiment of opening up myself to the world of human emotions. here's how i tell my 2011 pictures through taking pictures of "humans".


it's really awesome to see the bands you grew up listening to coming over to the country and playing live. i got myself, my sister and her special friend (back then) silver tickets to the deftones gig as a christmas and new year's gift. i could have given myself gold ones but i know how much my sister wanted to watch the show so i got them. the farthest my lens could zoon in is up to 150mm. with olympus' four thirds technology, it even looks farther. but it's ok still. my sister had 200mm on her canon and got crisp photos of chino moreno and the entire band. at that time, it made me think of saving up for a good telephoto lens but i go to gigs less. instead, i'll just save up on good seats.


i was given passes to photograph the ceremonies at san sebastian college. during the event, there were human beat boxes and people doing stunts such as breaking coconuts with a back fist, throat spear-bending (as seen in the photo below) and other super human stuff. the stunt men and... women were practitioners of hung fut kung fu. it was said that during the communist occupation, some chinese kung fu masters fled to the philippines. one of these masters was ho tien po, the master of masters, and was deemed the undefeated of canton. during his stay in manila, he was able to pass his knowledge to a filipino before he died and this knowledge was said to be the best kept secrets of kung fu. when the emcee narrated their story, it reminded me of my dad looking for a chinese martial arts school way back is time only to be denied because he is not chinese. had he found this group, he could have mastered chinese arts instead of japanese. i wasn't able to finish the entire show because i was on night shift at that time and have to leave for work but i was able to witness the stunning fireworks display.


if there's one mountain i'd like to visit every year, it's the infamous mt guiting guiting. this time, we attempted a day hike but was stunned by the clearing at the summit so we decided to stay. my buddies, who have stayed up late for drinks was able to witness a "moon rise" because it was a full moon at that time.

it's very rare to get a good clearing at the summit especially if it's off-season. we went there february and was doubting of the weather. our guide, sir remy, was asking what my prayers are because every time he climbs with me it has always been with good weather that no matter how bad it was raining the previous day, there's always a clearing the next day. i just told him i believe that things will be fine no matter how bad the situation is. on the way to sibuyan was full of laughter coming from participants and the fun was consistent in the end so i took advantage of taking "human photos"

that darn porn shot


scott weiland is indeed one of the hottest men in rock. i'll whoop your asses if you don't agree. as i previously promised myself, i was able to save up tickets for a good seat -- a good stalkerish place perfect enough for my boso 150mm lens to peek into his hot body. i begged and kneeled at my manager to allow me to go on half day leave in spite of the peak season for us tax season and she was swayed by my endless swoon. since my sister won't be able to join due to work constraints, she offered that i borrow her camera and her ultra pamboboso 200mm lens. since i am canon illiterate, i refused the offer and went off with my oly instead. the bad thing that happened was i brought the wrong lens... wide angle 42mm. sad. nonetheless, mini scott was still hot and his voice serenades me still.

a desperate attempt to catch the pure transcendental hotness that is scott weiland at the led display.

it was not my intention to join the race. someone sent a message to the game master and was surprised to see my facebook tagged with a race number. in the long run, i enjoyed the game as i traveled to places i have never been to, met new friends (and rivals), and tested my limits as a mountaineer. in the end, i won 6th place overall, 2nd in women's and became one of the 32 peaks in 7 days awardees (clue: halsema).

breakfast at the kitanglad bunker

pulag summit

the avatar, peter john "johnmurs" muring

mijan pizarro


mt kinabalu was my first international climb and is my 2011 year-ender. we did a mesilau-timpohon traverse and feratta package (i won't add photos of ferrata in action since it was our guide who took the photos). what i will never forget in sabah is the great food and the ambiance that is manila-like but only cleaner.

sir ricky - one of the people who i didn't know was my neighbor until he told me where he lives. we met at our mindanao 321 pre-climb meeting by the way. 

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