February 23, 2012


just got my iphone 4s last sunday and have been downloading and testing aps. i know some of you are surprised right now as i was admiring xperia active but the store from where i have been eyeing the phone pulled out all their xperia stocks as sony and ericson have split up but leaving the mobile phone business with sony. since i badly need a phone to replace my jurassic and soon-to-die sony ericsson w810i, i had no other choice but to get a 4x more expensive apple phone. well, i have other choices but as far as need is concerned, i have drilled down my options to iphone or xperia. i have took into consideration buying a samsung s2 but the oled green side effect turns me off.

now going back to aps, i was able to download a lot of stuff essential to my lifestyle such as "runkeeper" which helps me track all my sports activities including swimming... yes swimming! i have to buy a lifeproof case for it. i have tested runkeeper during my my batulao trip last sunday. siri was good but the battery life goes below satisfaction if i will be going for a hike for more than a day so i have to buy a portable charger with double a's as source of energy. later i discovered "the north face trailhead" which is a better gps program than the runkeeper as the map shows satellite pictures. i am supposed to test it last sunday but my climb didn't push through.

also i downloaded columbia applications such as cheat sheets to knot tying and the backpacking checklist which gave me an idea what other stuff i need to bring other than the things i usually do. with the checklist, i was able to help myself bring only the essential ones.

aside fron mountaineering aps, have also downloaded a virtual dive log for scuba diving which will be very helpful when i go back to diving some time mid of this year. and of course.. games to keep me pre-occupied instead of smothering boredom. i have been downloading games which some of my officemates have recommended like "temple run" and "taptap" but i am longing for strategy games similar to statcraft. during my search, what i got was a starcraft pictionary. boo. but i downloaded it still. after long hours of searching, voila! doodle wars. the game may be the simplest thing of all with graphics that a preschooler will have as a masterpiece but it brings me back the feeling of staying indoors and forgeting the outside world again. and because i have heard the calling, i didn't download the full version. hehehe. talk about will-power. hehehehe. nonetheless, prevention is better than cure.

in spite of how the game defined awesome, the best app i have downloaded so far is "blogger" from which i am writing this entry now instead of being pissed off at makati night rush hour. this app will definitely become handy during my travels.

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  1. Please do download whatsapp, viber or voxer.. FREE Textin internationally as long as they have those app...:) and tell your sister too... voxer works with ipod touch.. as long as you have data conection.. :D