February 05, 2012

Cancer Kissed My Ass: Takot Ka Ba Sa Maligno O Sa Ah-ASS

for obvious reasons, my blog, aside from posting jackshit, serves to promote any charitable climb so if you have anything to promote, just shoot me a message and i'll post it.

now back to topic, the first cancer kissed my ass was a success and we were able to get a generous amount for sir gerry's chosen cancer patient's expenses for lab procedures (i will post who this cancer patient is soon) but it isn't enough to cover everything. so we're setting up another climb this coming february 11-12, 2012 at the infamous mt cristobal for another round of ass kisses and this time, with the support of dahong palay mountaineers. if you are interested, just go to the cancer kissed my ass page and give us the gift of like.

although sir gerry gathered a handful of fans in the first climb, there were also critics. we have received feedback regarding sir gerry's pants-down stunt, which bottom line is respect. instead of throwing them to trash, we addressed them point by point and from the improvements we gathered from their ideas, we thank these critics for helping our project become bulletproof. herein below are the rules sir gerry imposed on himself in his pants-down climbs:

  • if the location is a sacred place
  • if majority of the participants disapproves
  • if the an elder participant (ages 40 and up) disapproves in spite of the majority
  • if a woman in the participants disapproves in spite of the majority's affirmative decision
  • if the locals disapprove in spite of the majority's affirmative decision
  • if the guides disapprove in spite of the majority's affirmative decision


having said this, we need more feedback from you to help us fight cancer. you may shoot me a message in the comments box below or comment on the ckma page.

notes on filipino terms:

the advert's punch line is a question: "are you afraid of malicious earth-bound dwellers or snakes?" mt cristobal is famous (or infamous) for stories about ghost and earth elemental stories that most mountaineers are afraid to climb the mountain. to help you understand the punch line (which i desperately hope you will), here are translations of some of the terms.
  1. maligno - in english means "malicious" and is being used to name all evil and malicious earth elementals who have the capacity to harm dwellers if they are offended i.e. elves, dwarves, faeries, centaurs, etc. these creatures are also common in filipino folk stories which the elders and some individuals, who have the so-called "3rd eyes", believe exist
  2. ahas - snake. 
  3. dahong palay - small harmless green snakes named after the "rice leaves".
  4. takot - depending on accentuation, it could mean scare or the act of being scared. 

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