February 06, 2012

i'm your greatest fan ^___^

up to date, the best act of fandom i have experienced is a picture from someone eating a raw goat's heart. the moment i saw his tag on my facebook timeline (thank god i have set tags to myself alone), i asked him what he was doing in the photo because i thought he was holding a skinned frog or something. then he said "it's goat's heart". i don't take it offensive. the people i grew up and studied with can tell you my laboratory stunts every dissection class and the university wasn't an exemption when i played with iodine to create purple clouds that hovered over us in the room. that's how notorious i was back then (speaking as if i'm a good person now and it is the truth).

i met this guy during my eleven-day mindanao escapade. he was one of the participants in the mt apo climb i joined. he introduced himself to everyone as a missionary of a theosophical society and we had a lengthy discussion about religion and spirituality. fast forward, we were stranded for 5 hours at agco as we thought that the thunder clouds passing by were minor rain clouds of the typical southern weather (sunny mornings and rainy afternoons). while he admired me for encouraging the rest of the participants in climbing the rockies and the 90-degree ascent to summit (which after my next climb i discovered that there's an easier but longer back trail), i would not have posted this entry if not for him saving our lives in the raging waters of agco when he used himself as a breakwater. 

now i'm wondering... what if i send him and every public icon i am a fan of a picture of myself licking severed bull testicles, eating pig's heart raw, or sipping pus instead of sending them drawings or motivational messages? will i be locked up in jail because of fandom? i'd like to give it a try...

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