April 11, 2015

reason for deleting the open letter

i'm sure you've noticed that i have re-verted the open letter to draft not because i am apologising for what i have done but to simply declare that i am agreeing to disagree with most of you. i can debate for long. you hurl your opinions, i respond with my stand -- this issue for me is more than just an opinion. it is a belief that i will defend to the death. a belief that has developed in my being for over the years of traveling in and out of country, communing with different kinds of environments, and interacting with people and learning from them. 

another reason is this issue is merely a distraction. i have another little project to execute to help mother nature (i'll be leaving for a few days) as well as other personal stuff that i choose to move away from all this nonsensical entertainment.

the divine architect of the universe, your god/goddesses, your deities, know my heart's content that they manifested their support through the very few people, who sent me a message via the blog comments and via email, telling me that they believe in my cause and they understand the contents of the letter wholly. i don't need a battalion to agree with me. 

for the artists/bloggers/writers who take accountability of the things they create and its impact to others, i commend you. i know a few who are currently dealing with their own endeavours as resulted by their work. i sent you messages. may the supreme beings of your heart and understanding repay you a thousandfold for your transformative artworks and may you inspire more people to be responsible. the cosmic is kind. karma will put things in order.

to all my fellow environmentalists who are fighting the hard fight against unscrupulous institutions, don't give up. no matter how much everyone hates us with our (most of the time) eccentric and rabid ways, let's still continue fighting to save our home. they don't know what we are facing.

ps: it's barking UP the wrong tree not "AT".


  1. P.S. If you can't win an argument, correct his grammar.

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    2. here's a more sanitised version:

      actually if you can't win an argument, pretend you've won and hurl the victim card. case in point, your reply.

    3. btw, reposted per allies in the film industry for study purposes