July 03, 2013

travel visas link... yey

so yeah, i have been posting late and it's all my fault. reason is i have been doing a lot of traveling lately and accomplishing major projects at work, then falling sick in between. the good thing though is those were amazing travels which are worth month- (or even more) long posts. one of my travels recently was mainland china.

in relation to my latest travel to china, i thought of adding a "travel visa" section in this blog to guide my readers the wheres and the hows of entering countries and of course, the pains of holding a philippine passport. lolz.

just recently, i was told of the latest hoax that japan is lifting all visa requirements for filipinos. it made me all giddy when i read it through a hacked connection in china. then the saddening news broke in when inquirer retracted what they've written saying filipinos still would have to pass visa requirements but would get multiple entries valid for 3 years as a "relaxed" rule. thus, this misconception made my s.o. and myself's thought of adding a visa section in my blog. 

as for visa requirements for macau and hong kong, i'll post it all together when i am done with my china trip entry.

happy traveling!


  1. thanks for this. late posts nga! hehe abot pa :)) at least you've got a lot of things to share about your recent trips :)

    1. hindi ko pa naipopost ang iloilo trip ko hahahaha