June 12, 2013

kota kinabalu trip

we were told we can go on "cowboy" mode at kota kinabalu. but after hearing tales of locals and even fellow filipinos taking advantage of tourists, we decided to contact an agency for our convenience. everything in this trip were arranged by har chow wong and jui chan leung, the mother-daughter owners of green world tt/w & w adventure.



we were lucky to get the 700.00 PHP sale in airasia. plus in-flight food, our flights costed 2799.00 PHP. our climb package costed 1500.00 MYR, which is approximately 22000.00 PHP last 2011. the package includes the following:
  • mt kinabalu hike (mesilau-timpohon traverse)
  • walk the torq by mountain torq
  • all hostel accommodation at asian adventure hostel
  • all transporation
  • pendant hut lodging (w/ free breakfast and lunch and drinks)
  • buffet dinner at laban rata
  • canopy walk
  • rafflesia garden
  • poring hot spring and nature reserve tour


[as of 06-12-2013] malaysia grants 30-day tourist visas to all filipinos visiting kota kinabalu upon entry. they'll stamp you one as soon as you're done with biometrics. just don't look suspicious for them to mistake you as a smuggler or whatever which would be an easy ticket to your deportation as they would interview you of your reason for travel. there's no need to pre-apply for one in the malaysian embassy in the philippines unless you intend to travel for work, business, or for more than the period stated. you may visit the malaysian embassy in the philippines' website for more information.


everything was arranged by har chow wong. we were transported by a van in our kota kinabalu trips and a private car by our guide on our way to mt kinabalu.


to avoid ballooning bills, i turned off my phone. hehehe. but if you wish to communicate with your friends and loved ones in the philippines, you can always call your telco for roaming services. 

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