April 11, 2013

boracay slime

note: the aklanons say, boracay not bora. respect.

i think this needs a separate portion to inform boracay tourists before they play with slime.

as we were walking, i saw a nasty eye-sore which i have never seen in station 1. "yannick, what are those floating green thingies?" i asked my dive master. "slime" he said. "you'll see worse in summer," he added. so i guess, i went to a perfect time when these disgusting things aren't dominating the beach. but since i am not contented by a foreigner's answer, i asked the staff what they are and they said, "lumot." ok... now that confirms it. 

the worst time i saw slime was in a swimming pool at italia 500. we were supposed to train for our yearly high school intramurals' swimming competition but was freaked out by the site of it covering the entire olympic size pool. fcuk! i never expected slime to dominate the beach - a world famous beach such as boracay! yet i heard some people convincing other tourists that they are safe and even the cause why boracay has the powdery white sand. no! basic grade school education would tell you that these things are dangerous. you could only think of the worse things that slime can do to your health. to know more about boracay slime, here's an about.com link about cyanobacteria. yes, it is bacteria! and i can't believe some people, thinking it's where the white sand came from, are playing with it even hurling slimes at each other! 

the seasonal slime in boracay is the same as what happens in a swimming pool if it is not maintained. since there's too many people cohabiting in a very small island, bacteria comes in. the reason why yannick says it's worse in summer due to the fact that there are "swarms" of tourists in boracay at that time. more people, more trash, more slimes. as for myself, there's nothing to worry since we're diving very far away from the slime. but before we left for the dive site, i took a shot of how these pesky things look like in water. 

the green clouds are slimes and no, i am not putting watermarks to own the slimes
shore slimes!
kuya and the slime at the background
i don't know why some people at boracay are convincing others that these creatures are safe. perhaps because of tourism so as not for people to get scared and evade boracay. i've read posts about people getting sick because of it. if the department of tourism wanted more visitors for places such as boracay, they should set-up a budget on how to clear the place off these stuff and not masking it by saying that it is the source of white sand!

so when would we see a slimeless boracay? i was told that the perfect season is from june to november, when there are less people. 


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