April 22, 2013

boracay trip

note: the aklanons say, boracay not bora. respect.

my divemaster, yannick webber, and his blue fins

herein below are the blog entries i've written about my boracay stay.

everything was arranged by lynette of new wave divers and i commend her for my happy boracay experience. if you plan on diving at boracay, i highly recommend new wave divers because of their rates and their friendly and professional staff (more info later). please be advised that the diving rates posted below are set for licensed divers. if you do not have a license yet, you can avail of new wave's scuba experiences packages to test if scuba diving is for you, or go straight to taking either a scuba diver or an openwater diver licensure course. you may contact the new wave divers team for more information about their packages.

for workshop rates, you may contact rachel lobangcomj suayan, and nenita ramos. each of them organizes open shoots and classes every month. 

950.00   = round trip tours to and from the airport
1900.00 = round trip tickets to and from boracay via airphil express (now pal express) including naia 3 terminal fee
20.00     = kalibo terminal fee
1600.00 = per dive w/ air including equipment rental
2200.00 = per dive w/ 30% nitrox including equipment rental
1000.00 = underwater camera rental 
8.00       = ordinary trike ride to d'mall
30.00     = special trike ride to anywhere in malay
300.00   = average meal cost at station 1

my dive in boracay is actually my "come back dive" because it's been a while since i last dove. my last dive was in panglao island, bohol in 2010. i stopped because of work and an adventure race i joined.

it is highly advisable to book a flight to kalibo than to caticlan. caticlan has a smaller airport that most flights are getting cancelled or delayed. the only disadvantage of getting a kalibo plane ride is the 2-hour long commute which is a large chunk off your vacation itinerary. nonetheless, it is a sure win you're going to boracay. transportation from kalibo airport to boracay can be pre-arranged. you may inquire at the bus desks upon arrival at the kalibo airport or you may contact your preferred hotel or diving operator to arrange everything for you.

at boracay, there are tricycles which could bring you to different places in boracay for a special (you are the only customer) or public fees.

signal for globe is fairly ok as i was able to send text messages to people but 3g is quite lagging. it was hard for me to send imessages and call via facetime, tango, or kakao.

should you need to inquire anything about my boracay experience, you may post a comment or you can shoot me a message via email at selfdisplacement [at] gmail.com. i am willing to assist anyone who wishes to go there in the future.

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  1. Boracay and not Bora, that's right! They just don't want tourists to get confused between Boracay and the island of French Polynesia, which is Bora Bora.