January 08, 2012

cancer is an ass kisser

in movies and in television, when the actor or actress combs his or her hair and pulls quite a number of strands, he or she has cancer. the sappy instrumentals come in hopes to make the viewers cry as the doctor tells him or her that he or she has only x number of months to live. then they fight it but still die in the end.

some years ago was not a telenovela cliche. my godmother lost weight because of some slimming pills she had been taking and was happy about the results until one day she bled. all the while, it was pancreatic cancer which sped up her weight loss. she was battling it happily. she was neither sobbing nor combing off her hair excessively in the bathroom. no sappy music. the last time i saw her was she was planning our next out of town trip. it could have been a wonderful trip had it happened. next in line was my grandfather. if there's one person whose stories i'd like to hear over and over, it's him. he survived the japanese war and told us of stories about how life was back then.

but not all cancer patients die.

some months ago, in an outdoor community i subscribed myself to, there was a member who keeps on spamming the board with his own story of unrequited love and his... ass. the story is ok but his ass was a sell out. he posted photos of his ass exposed at the mountain peaks, waterfalls, in house parties, basically in all places he's been to, he showed his ass. as far as bmc101 is concerned, he violated most of the rules. moreover, he offended the ladies. of course, you can't expect everyone to be tolerable so some people hurled in tirades. the next day, he posted his picture in a purple lab gown showing his ass. he explained that the doctors removed his rectum. he is a colon cancer survivor! his renegades, including myself, became one of his fans; thus, i support his cause.

there's a reason why some of us were given strong bodies. there's also a reason why some people are given a second chance. now geronimo "rectum" pablo is using his renewed body to help a child fight cancer by organizing climbs and conquering peaks in the philippines and abroad. for those who are interested to help, just go to his page and click "like". his bank information is posted there. you don't have to worry about your donation going to his personal pocket because the money that comes into his bank account is audited by three different people.

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