January 09, 2012

before the end of human race...

i just thought i should post this because it popped out of my head...

2012 marks my 5th year in mountaineering. to be exact, it was a day after my birthday when i first climbed so i will dedicate the entire month of june to reminisce those days when i was still starting and to that very day i bartered pc games with the great outdoors. there have been minor outdoor trips before and a hike at mts manalmon and makiling way back high school but june 2007 was a catalyst for what i am now. or perhaps, i should just create a countdown starting may with another mt daguldol climb as my finale to celebrate my 5th year in climbing as well as my 26th birthday.

aside from my 5th birthday climb, another event to look forward to is the 30th anniversary of sirs edwin gatia, fred jamili and art valdez's first ascent to mt guiting guiting. although i was given an invite to join, i prefer not to since i want to spend my birthday with a few close friends. i don't want to steal the scene by having my friends shout at everyone "hey, it's also her birthday" leaving me all red trying to look for a way out to avoid myself being teased into buying everyone a second round of drinks. let the oldies enjoy their event.

another thing to look forward to this 2012 is the list of my solo flights here and abroad. i'd like to spend more time with myself this year as dealing with a lot of people has caused me some sort of anxiety. in my list is hong kong, bangkok, cebu and bohol and i just hope with utmost optimism that my budget would suffice. speaking of traveling alone, i might also buy myself a wedding ring, just what bps and mayo did, to protect myself from strangers asking me why i travel alone and so for them just leave me alone (so i should scout for cheap deals on wedding rings at ongpin this weekend).

having typed all of these makes me realize that my plans for 2012 are all traveling back to myself. this must be the middle 20's crisis that people talk about wherein people ages 24 to 27 reflect on what they have done with their lives. so far, there are no regrets on my part. not going straight to grad school was the best choice i did since i was able to discover what i really want in life. what i should do moving forward is to do what a person should as his/er days go by -- become a better person everyday.


  1. tara... laiya ang baba niyan hehehe

  2. haha ayoko na mag daguldol. nakakapagod. xP

  3. pwede ring mag laiya na lang tayo.. la naman kwenta summit nun harharhar...

  4. Hmm check ko kung me budget. Baka hindi naman kelangan ng Laiya ng balyena. Bwahahahaha.

  5. lol! why buy a wedding ring? are you married? it's about time to learn how to ward of potential stalker and be able to meet new, wonderful people! Have fun! :) unless you're not single.. :)

  6. i am marrying me to myself and that's a fact. it's a way for my to ward off assholes i meet in the future hehehe