May 09, 2012

macau, the sin city of asia

grand lisboa
there definitely is a warp zone or a waypoint in macau. what i usually see in video games is a fuzzy scintillating ball of white light or a platform with inscriptions of incantations in an arcane language only the ancients could understand, which when you step on or pass through it will transport you to a different time and place. from the portuguese ruins, plazas and fortresses, i then found myself in in the rich and luxurious vegas with more worlds and times to warped into.

my 8-hour tour: the second half at asia's las vegas

after my quick shopping and sightseeing trip at san malo, we visited welkin at casino where they both worked, the grand lisboa. johnny told me that the grand lisboa was the first casino ever built in macau and the owner of the said casino is currently the richest person in macau. grand lisboa, it is the highest building in macau and is one of the highest in the world towering at 261m. he further tells that it was casinos which made macau a rich and generous government. it was the millions of income from gambling which had its residents enjoy allowances especially for those who have families.

as i entered the casino, johnny told me to keep my camera as the officials will confiscate it. taking photos in the casino is strictly prohibited to protect their clients especially the high profile ones. we went there minutes earlier before welkin's first break. i owe him that visit since i was way too late but i have to interfere with his work. while waiting for his break time, johnny showed me around. i told him that it's my first time to enter the casino in my entire life. we had a walk around the different card games sections, the roulettes, and the slot machines -- all of them i have only seen in the movies because my mom was too strict enough not to expose us into gambling. there were also pin-up girl shows on different stages to entertain clients taking breaks from games. came welkin's break, since he wanted us to take pictures of us, we met at the men's comfort room. i was lucky enough to wear a loose shirt and pants. then johnny gave me his cap to match my androgynous for me to be qualified enough to enter. after some catching up and camwhoring, we left welkin to proceed with our hotel and casino hopping since i only have a few hours left before my ferry leaves for hong kong.

you won't spend a cent in hotel-casino hopping in macau because the hotels offer free rides from various stations... not unless you gamble of course. however, if you'd like to delve into the hotel buffets, you have to spend at least 200 patacas for it. first in our list was venetian hotel, where i was warped to sunset italy complete with boatmen and women singers who some were undoubtedly filipinos. since everything is on dim light and my cam would only grain on low light photos, i wasn't able to take shots of river part of venetian.

hand painted ceiling of the venetian hotel to mimic the sunset scene as seen in an episode in boys over flowers

next in our list was a series of sands hotels which all have oriental ambiance. what astonished my in the hotel was the musical lights display in every part of the place. the place was well lit enough for my camera to take photos.

this statue person who welcomed us is a filipino too!

the awesome-est statue i have ever seen. if i could only take it home with me

art exhibit which showcases artworks in graphite or ink. each art piece tells of china's history.

as i hopped from one hotel to another, i realized i get bored easily with the life of luxury that i hid my camera more than taking photos. i finally concluded that i am indeed an outdoor person. i cannot deny the beauty of man-made marvels as seen in taipa but i guess a laid back life at the beach or at the mountain tops would give me more contentment than sleeping on a bed stuffed with millions of money. there's more adventure in cooking corned beef, sardines, and some mountain vegetables together not knowing how it would taste like in the end or it's effects on your tummy the morning after than enjoying an expensive buffet of meals served by well-dressed waiters and chefs at a single clap of your hand with violinists serenading you as you eat. johnny said that macau, like vegas, has lives lost to people's insatiable desire for luxury because of gambling or simply just being too rich. it's what i call "existential boredom on a silver platter" when your life is too perfect that you've seen every atom of everything money can buy but happiness and contentment would only cost a note not printed in any form of currency. having seen all these makes me thankful for being a simple sight-seeing tourist working on a shoestring budget for a quick glimpse of a multi-billionaire gamblers', or at least the hoping gamblers', world. 

we then received a call from welkin who told us to visit his home as his wife wants to meet me for dinner. thank heavens for the break! we rode the free buses going to grand lisboa then walked our way back to san malo where welkin's apartment is. san malo is san malo is more beautiful at night so i walked again at the central park to take some photos.

macau's signature tourism photo of san malo as seen in the flyers and maps. i never expected i captured a similar scene until i took hold of a map.

as we walked towards welkin and pauline's apartment, i found a hole in the wall food store with food similar to those tuhog tuhog karitons street foods we have back in our country. the difference is you have to pick your choice of food on a sticks which they will put in a small container to be flooded with sauces of your choice. each stick costs 2 to 10 patacas depending on what kind of meat, dimsum, or vegetable it is you're going to pick. i had mine with curry and spicy sauces. 

meat and veggies on a stick selections.

we arrived at welkin's and pauline's home after a few minutes walk from the stall. pauline had us watch tv with her and had a simple snacks of soya bean chips which are being sold by their indonesian board mate, who we first met at the chinese drug store.

crispy bean chips :} best served with chili vinegar or butter

the only content here i know of was hotdog. the rest of what i put in there were part of my food adventure. food tastes good until you know its contents so to hell with what those things are! they are delicious.

we left their home at 21:45 so i could catch the my ferry to hk. however, the bus came in late so it running like hell for me to catch make it to the boarding gate and good thing i made it a minute before the gate closed... a minute before the gate closed. all the walking got me tired that i slept the entire boat trip. 

hello goodbye hong kong and back to manila

i went back to my hostel room and was greeted by my roomy bosnian buddies who offered me shots of hennessy as we chatted the night away. the good thing about hostels is that you get to know other people. just pray they are not perverts or psycho killers. we exchanged juicy stuff about philippines and bosnia as if we're in show and tell at school. hiking was our common ground and them guys wanted me to pursue free climbing which i told them is not part of my priorities although it would be fun to try. we got comfortable with each other as the conversation progressed. we talked from mountains to world history to music. the topics were endless that i only had 2 hours of sleep and a small time to prepare to pack my stuff in the morning before my flight. they told me i have to drop the bomb in the morning because they have to wake up at the same time i will have to. 

and so 2 hours later i dropped the bomb. they wanted me to join them at disneyland but i told them i'll be returning back home for work so we exchanged contact information instead. i left earlier than they did and since they'll be staying longer, i left them my keys instead of turning them over at the reception. i took my last chung king sleaze walk then to the mtr station at nathan road. at lai king station, i had second thoughts of visiting dr co for the last time. but due to the delay of the trains going to tung chung, i took the green lines to the airport instead so as not to miss my flight. 

i will go back to hong kong and macau this august but this time, i will stay mostly in macau for welkin and pauline's child's baptism then a daytrip at hong kong for the co family for another set of errands. i doubt that i will visit this place less because of the people i spent time with. perhaps i will bring some friends with me in the future.

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