March 11, 2012

boredom at its finest

after my desperate attempts in trying to become a red bull rampage freerider* at the filinvest trail, which made me bring home "minor bruises, scratches and a slight bump in the head" last thursday night (yes i rode and battered my bike at night time) *sarcastic undertones*, i have to rest this weekend so i called-off our saturday road-ride with sir suiee. so here i am stuck for two days with nothing to do but smother boredom. however, being bored at home is a good thing for me as my intuition often attacks during these moments and i arrest it with a pen, a pencil, or a camera. for today, the camera is my medium. herein below are some of my shots.

doggie, the kitten i have salvaged last year from the wrath of 4 year-old kids, was following me around the house this morning until my mom came. he didn't mind posing for photo shoots.

"do you want a cup of tea?"

my parents love antique stuff. one of my favorites is this set of tea pot and cups, which my dad bought when he was assigned in india. we had this ever since my sister and i were kids. before, mom placed it on top of the refrigerator so we won't reach it but we were both strong enough to climb our way to the top with the help of a chair. 

my mom and my sister used to play the piano but due to work constraints, no one's playing it anymore. the keyboard is made of original ivory (yeah... kill me elephant lovers!) that a lot of unscrupulous piano tuners attempted to persuade my mom in exchanging them with plastic ones saying that plastic would save us more from tuning often (because ivory is brittle) but they did not succeed.

one of the many antique jars at home.

this is the view from the second floor of our home.

this angle of our staircase reminds me of alice in wonderland

yes, we also have candles everywhere

here's another candle but what i like most about this one are the pebbles i have added on the plate. i took them at the nearby river at sir remy's home in sibuyan.

... and a candy corner

this is the favorite spot of my dad, myself and the cats at home. we always fight for reservations in this part of our home.

he owes me his life so he has to share with me.

books and magazines...

sunset view in our living room

a chic place mat my mom bought at a very cheap price

redbull rampage -

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  1. the spot reminded me of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory.. LOL.